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5th Ranger Regiment

Est. June 2017
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About Us

We are the 5thRR, the 5th Ranger Regiment, a group of highly dedicated and passionate Arma players spanning from Arma 2 and earlier. We devote ourselves to our community and operations containing several present and former military personnel and MilSim veterans, giving us an advantage in new interesting and farther evolving missions that take throughout the Arma world. If you like ground pounding or staring down from the sky you’ll find it here as we find new and old ways to invigorate combat . We pertain to respectable levels of MilSim to our real life comparison while being able to take a notch out and kick back off the server. If you looking to join us or already one of us let it be known you are joining a family.

If you’d like to join us, pop in on TeamSpeak: